Sunshine and Storage

Sycamore Grove, Southend-on-Sea

Solar PV
Battery Storage
EV Charging Point
Installation date
April 12, 2024
Marcus and Lee
Mr and Mrs Webber
Pre-Installation Challenges

When Mr and Mrs Webber contacted Stag Solar, they were enthusiastic about transitioning to a greener lifestyle by integrating solar energy and electric vehicle (EV) charging into their daily lives. The initial consultation revealed several challenges:

Outdated Electrical System: The Webber's home had an outdated electrical panel that was not equipped to handle the additional load of a solar PV system and an EV charging station.
Space Limitations: The available space on their roof was limited due to an existing extension, which made optimal placement of solar panels critical.
Aesthetic Concerns: The Webbers were also concerned about the visual impact of the installations on their beautiful home.

Planning and Design

Led by project manager Dave and technical lead Rachel, the Stag Solar team devised a tailored solution. The plan included:

System Specifications: A 5kW SolarEdge system was selected for its high efficiency and compatibility with enhanced energy monitoring. For the EV charging station, a Fronius charger was chosen for its reliability and advanced features.
Electrical Upgrade: The outdated electrical panel was upgraded to a modern unit with higher capacity and enhanced safety features.
Roof Layout Design: Given the limited space, our design team used advanced software to simulate various panel arrangements to maximize solar exposure while maintaining the home’s aesthetic integrity.

Installation Process

The installation was scheduled over three days to minimize disruption to the Webber's daily activities. Day one focused on the electrical upgrades, including replacing the old panel and installing new wiring to support the increased energy demands. Safety checks were rigorously performed to ensure everything was up to current standards.

On day two, the solar panels were installed. The team faced a challenge with the roof’s uneven surface, but with custom mounting brackets, the panels were securely and aesthetically placed. The SolarEdge system's inverter was connected to the home’s power system, allowing detailed energy production monitoring from any smart device.

The final day was dedicated to the EV charging station setup. The Fronius charger was installed near the driveway for easy access. Special attention was given to integrate the charger with the home’s exterior, using discreet conduits and matching the home's color scheme.

Post-Installation Review

After the installation, the Stag Solar team conducted a thorough review with Mr and Mrs Webber to ensure they were comfortable with the new systems. They were also given a detailed demonstration of how to monitor their solar production and manage their EV charger via smartphone apps.

Jinko Tiger Neo N-type Panel
SolaX TP 5.8kWh Battery
SolaX X1 G4 Hybrid 5.0D
Stag Solar recently installed a system for us, from start to finish they were nothing but efficient, professional and informative. Richard talked through our options, re-quoted as I changed my mind. He also helped me avoid extra expense by not letting me install fancy add ons that weren’t cost effective. The finished system is great, it’s really well installed, everything works as it should and solar with a battery is honestly a game changer, within a few days it’s was obvious we are going to save a lot of money on our bills. From the project manager to the onsite team, everyone is friendly and switched on. They took all their rubbish, don’t leave a mess and generally were fabulous. It’s so nice to find a local firm with so much going for them. I would wholeheartedly recommend Stag to anyone.
Mr and Mrs Webber
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