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Edward Road, Brentwood

Solar PV
Battery Storage
Installation date
February 2, 2024
Bob, Margaret, Alison
Ms. Thompson
Pre-Installation Challenges

Ms. Thompson, an environmentally conscious homeowner, was eager to integrate solar power and EV charging into her home. The Stag Solar team faced a couple of specific challenges:

Compact Space: Ms. Thompson's property featured a relatively small driveway and a compact, segmented roof, which posed constraints for the installation of both the solar system and the EV charger.
Local Regulations: There were specific local regulations and aesthetic guidelines in Brentwood that required careful compliance, especially concerning visible installations.
Planning and Design:
Sarah, the project manager, and her assistant Jimmy took the lead on this project. Their approach included:

System Specifications

A 5kW SolaX solar PV system was chosen for its compact design and high efficiency. A Tesla Wall Connector was selected for its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, suitable for Ms. Thompson’s modern vehicle.
Custom Layout: The team used 3D modeling to create a layout that maximized the energy capture on the segmented roof, ensuring each panel was placed for optimal sun exposure while adhering to aesthetic regulations.

Installation Process

The installation was meticulously planned over a two-day period. The first day focused on the solar PV installation. The SolaX panels were strategically placed across different roof segments. Special non-penetrative mounting systems were used to protect the roof integrity and comply with local guidelines.

On the second day, the Tesla Wall Connector was installed. The challenge was to integrate it seamlessly into the small driveway without disrupting its usability. The charger was mounted on a custom-built pedestal that matched the home's exterior, providing easy access for charging and maintaining curb appeal.

Post-Installation Review

A detailed walkthrough was conducted with Ms. Thompson to explain the functionality and monitoring capabilities of both the solar PV system and the EV charger. She was particularly impressed with the smart integration, allowing her to control and monitor her new systems from her smartphone.

Jinko Tiger Neo N-type Panel
SolaX TP 5.8kWh Battery
SolaX X1 G4 Hybrid 5.0D
Stag Solar exceeded my expectations! The team was incredibly professional, managing to fit the technology into my compact space beautifully. The solar panels and EV charger not only work great but also look great. I’m delighted with how seamlessly everything integrates with my home.
Ms. Thompson
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