Bright Futures

Birch Avenue, Braintree

Solar PV
Battery Storage
Installation date
December 19, 2023
Harry, Megan, Chris
Mr Davies
Pre-Installation Challenges

Mr. Davies wanted to enhance his home’s energy system by integrating a new solar PV setup with an existing older system and adding battery storage for enhanced efficiency. Challenges included:

System Compatibility: Integrating new solar technology with an older existing system required careful planning to ensure compatibility and efficiency.
Space for Battery Storage: Finding a suitable location for a large battery storage unit within the limited space of an already established home posed logistical challenges.
Planning and Design:
Mark, an experienced solar engineer, and his apprentice Elena were tasked with the project. Their plan incorporated:

System Upgrade and Integration: They selected a 7kW Growatt solar system known for its compatibility with different types of existing solar technologies. A Tesla Powerwall was chosen for its compact size and high energy capacity.
Custom Installation Strategy: Detailed electrical schematics were prepared to integrate the new and old systems without disrupting the home’s power during installation.

Installation Process

The process was spread over four days. The first two days were dedicated to installing the new solar panels and integrating them with the existing setup. Special care was taken to ensure that all components communicated correctly, optimizing energy production and distribution.

The subsequent two days focused on installing the Tesla Powerwall. The team chose an internally accessible area of Mr. Davies's garage, customizing the space to accommodate the Powerwall and ensuring it was connected efficiently to the home's energy system.

Post-Installation Review

Upon completion, Mark and Elena provided Mr. Davies with comprehensive training on managing his upgraded energy system. They also set up an app that allowed him to monitor energy production and consumption in real time.

Jinko Tiger Neo N-type Panel
SolaX TP 5.8kWh Battery
SolaX X1 G4 Hybrid 5.0D
The system installed by Stag Solar has exceeded my expectations. It's efficient, reliable, and blends perfectly with my home's setup. The integration of new and old solar technologies was handled flawlessly. I couldn't be happier with the outcome!
Mr Davies
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